SiyaSiza's headquarters in Durban - a centre for women & youth
SiyaSiza Afrika Foundation - Southern Africa Office
SiyaSiza established the headquarters of the Southern Africa Office in January 2001 in Durban. The objective of SiyaSiza's  programe in SA is to be involved in the areas of daeah, women & youth. Since January 2001 a wide range of programmes were rolled out in pursuance of its objectives. A brief overview of the activities follows in this website. SiyaSiza  has adopted a very strong partnership approach with local organisations or communities for the establishment of projects and programmes. According to Mohamed Amra of SiyaSiza  this is in keeping with a stratergy of empowering local communities making most of its projects in association with local organisations. 

SiyaSiza has just purchased the 'Rajab' residence in Clare Estate which will house its office and according to Mohamed Amra, Director of SiyaSiza, this magnificent property will be converted to a community centre with an emphasis on facilities for youth and women. The centre will house an indoor sports centre for the youth, conference facilities, library, education and training facility. One of the most challenging issues facing Muslims is at the level of youth. There are inadequate facilities for our youth and women and this centre intends to fill that gap.
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